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from "Flight Without Wings" by Patti Schofler
Dating back 3500 years, the Arabian is the oldest, the purest, and the first man-manipulated (selectively bred) breed. Portrait of an Arabian Hourse Perhaps no other breed has been so engaged in the romance and history of the world.
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Stanley Ranch News

  • CZANTIAGO++/ at Scottsdale 2014 Results:
    Day 1 – Dressage Training Level Test 2 ATR – 2nd
    Dressage Training Level Open 74% - 4th
    Day 2 – Dressage Training Level Test 3 ATR Stake – 4th
    Day 3 – In-Hand Stallions 6 and up ATR – 2nd
    Day 4 – Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR Championship – Top Ten
    Day 7 - Hunter Hack – 3rd; Modified Hunter – 2nd; Modified Hunter – 3rd; Green Hunter – 4th
    Day 8 – Hunter Hack ATR – 4th

  • Arabian Sport Horse Magazine coverStanley Ranch is proud to announce that CZANTIAGO++/ has received The Arabian Sport Horse magazine's 2013 Reader's Choice Award for Conformation Horse of the Year! Check out the February/March issue for complete coverage.

  • Exciting news from the Scottsdale Arabian show: Lisa was second in her Amateur Owner Dressage Class with a 66.8. Trainer Michelle Mahoney was third (by a whisker) in the Open with a 74.4 under Judge Hilda Gurney.

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